Visiting Home

So it is almost my birthday, Jan 31st for those that don’t know. I decided to come home and celebrate it with my family. I had already missed out on christmas due to work, so now was the best time to come home, see everyone, and getting a load of presents ( or money in my case ) doesn’t hurt either.

Well while home i’ve decided to take refuge in dining area, on our dining table. Pretty nice setup ‘aye?

So my mum asked me what I wanted to do. Normally, as with previous years, we would throw some kind of party at the house, i would invite all my friends and end up fucked before the night begins ( here is to you, my 18th birthday party, ill never know what happened that night ).

I decided that i’m getting bored of parties, I think that a nice dinner would be better. Maybe…

I ended up with asking to host some small family board games, along with takeaway ( not decided what yet ) so we can all sit in as a family, play a game, and maybe watch a film. Sounds good to me, i just need to convince the family that it’s a good idea as well!

Application Files can be so easy

Its everything else thats not.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Player Support Redemption System.
Author : Matt Smith < >
from backend import create_app
# The WSGI configuration on Elastic Beanstalk requires 
# the callable be named 'application' by default.
application = create_app()

if __name__ == '__main__':'')

Keeping Active

So i’m really terrible at this whole staying active thing!

I restarted my blog so i didn’t have a reason not to post to it and i found that i just was lacking in content to keep it posted, which i think your find is the reason why i’m shit and just posting youtube crap everywhere…

Seriously though i think i need to set up on my content and get some real content.

Maybe once Riot has sunk in ill figure something out. Until then.


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